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Zoning Commission

Zoning Commission

Members: Regina Rogers, Fernando Simmons, Coley Reno, Witt Long, Josh Behm, Chris Lewellen

The Zoning Commission meets the 4th Thursday of every month at City Hall at 5:30 pm. To be placed on the agenda, call City Clerk Lisa Mauney at 662-837-8578.

Application for Variance (PDF) ($50 Application Fee payable to City Clerk)
Ripley Zoning Ordinance (PDF)

Historic Preservation Commission
For Historic Preservation questions, contact Mayor Chris Marsalis at 662-837-0130, and visit the Historic Preservation website at www.hpc.ripley.ms.

All businesses located within the City of Ripley must obtain a Privilege License to operate in the City. Application must be made with the Purchase Clerk. Rates are based on number of full time employees/inventory.

City of Ripley Mississippi
500 South Main Street
Ripley, MS 38663
(662) 837.0130