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Parks & Recreation Department


E-mail:  RipleyMSpark@gmail.com
Phone: (662) 837-3818
Fax: (662) 837-2219
Park Director : Jeremy Tidwell
Support Staff: Kyle Jordan
Young at Heart Program Director: Kim Hellums

Gym Rental: $50 per hour. $100 deposit refundable if no damage and gym is left clean.


Online Registration​ Link​

T-Ball: Age 4-6 Boys & Girls
Coach Pitch: Ages 7-8 Boys & Girls
Baseball: Ages 9-12 Boys
Softball (Fast): Ages 9-12 Girls
*Cost is $50.00 which includes Registration Fee, T-Shirt, & Cap
Soccer: Ages 4-12 Boys & Girls
*Cost is $50.00 which includes Registration Fee, Jersey, & Shorts
Flag Football: Ages 6-12 Boys & Girls
*Cost is $50.00 which includes Registration Fee, Jersey, & Shorts
Basketball: Ages 5-14 Boys & Girls
*Cost is $50.00 which includes Registration Fee and Jersey
Adult Programs
Women's & Men's Church League Softball (Slow-Pitch)
Women's & Men's Open League Softball (Slow-Pitch)
*Cost: TBA

Basketball Gym is open on:
Tuesday nights from 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Saturday from 9:00 AM - :00 PM

Senior Program


The Young-at-Heart senior program is located inside the City of Ripley Park & Recreation gymnasium and serves individuals that are age 50 or older. This program is designed for senior citizens who would like the opportunity for physical and mental fitness, socialization with other citizens, doing crafts or just getting out of the house.

This program offers a variety of activities such as aerobics/exercise, water aerobics, games, walking, arts and crafts, pot-luck luncheons, guest speakers, square and line dancing every Tuesday, meetings for breakfast once a month, and access every Wednesday to a Registered Nurse for Blood Pressure checks.

Any ideas of other activities are welcomed. We will do our best to accommodate each request.

$3.00 per month
7:30 AM - 5:00 PM

If you are interested in traveling with the Golden Seniors group place call the Park Office at 837-3818 for more information.

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City of Ripley Mississippi
500 South Main Street
Ripley, MS 38663
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